AmBul is all about
chAMber ensemBULs.
A festival packed with innovative performance projects, AmBul brings together musicians of different nationalities, styles, and generations. Structured around a group of projects entrusted entirely to ensembles with a demonstrated affinity for contemporary music practices and performance, AmBul is all about chAMber ensemBULs.

About AmBul

Just think ensAmBul.

The AmBul Festival of American and Bulgarian Music is an established forum for the presentation of new and neglected works by American and Bulgarian composers, for collaboration among composers and performers from Bulgaria and the US, and a podium for young musicians to be immersed in new music and perform it alongside their more experienced colleagues. The 2014 edition is the fourteenth edition of Sofia’s American-Bulgarian music festival founded by Geoffrey Dean in 1998. A production of the Ardenza Foundation, AmBul is funded in part by the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture and the US Embassy in Sofia. All AmBul events are free and open to the public.
2014 Festival concerts in Sofia
Concert of the Slovena Quartet
Female vocal quartet led by Zvezdana Novakovic (Slovenia)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014 at 5PM
American Corner, Slaveikov Square, Sofia

Presented with the generous support of the US Embassy in Sofia

Discovering the Slovena Quartet is more than listening to music: through a vocal blend of pure, authentic sound, you feel deep inside your soul the intense impact of two traditional cultures meeting each other. By the power of Slovena voices, those four singers will invite you to follow them back into ancient times, when the traditional music of both Bulgaria and Slovenia were born. Sometimes their voices become instruments, like gadulka or gaida, until the dreamy sound of a harp joins and accompany traditional Bulgarian music and open another world of sound. Modern Jazz harmonies improvise with the sound of tradition, ancient meets modern, Bulgaria meets Slovenia: this is what the Slovena Quartet is about: pure voices out of time and free from any limits or borders.

Slovena quartet:

Gergana Popova (Bulgaria)
Neviana Ganeva (Bulgaria)
Dijana Vasileva (Bulgaria)

Vocal and harp:
Zvezdana Novaković (Slovenia)






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